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One of the Latest Advancements in Computer Technology

Technology and computers are evolving in a rapid and constant rate. What was groundbreaking just a few years ago is outdated now and the future-oriented innovations coming really aren’t to be too far away.

Smartphones and tablets brought touchscreen interaction to the masses, but wearable technology that is voice-activated is pushing the boundaries of what can be done using a computer in terms of capacity and size.

If you’ve never been aware of Google Glass, prepare to look at what of a computer and be amazed by what the latest technological advancement can accomplish.

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a computer that wears like glasses. Similar to a tablet or smartphone it allows you to connect to almost everything and everyone.

But contrary to iOS and Android technologies, Google Glass offers hands-free interactive voice control. If you’re frustrated by the idea of people constantly looking at their phones or have found yourself looking to use your smartphone but you’re forced to look at something else.

Google Glass solves this issue by placing the computer’s display in the spot where your eyes are. It’s almost impossible, but the truth is when you use Google Glass, your screen is everywhere you are looking and allows users to communicate with their device as well as their surroundings at simultaneously.

What kind of things are possible to do using this tech?

With the simple sound of “OK Glass” followed by an easy command that’s it, you can basically be able to let Google Glass perform all the things you’d expect your tablet or smartphone perform.

You can send and get messages, naturally however, you can also request Glass to take a picture or video, search for details, chat live with any other person who has access to a mobile device (and an active Google account, of course) and make your voice translate, access directions by turning, and so many more.

Glass is still relatively new, and it’s safe to assume that as more developers and users become familiar with it further features will be created.

Could this be the future of technology and computers?

It’s difficult to know the future. But, it’s probably certain the existence of a demand for wearable computers, such as Google Glass in the coming years. One reason is that it eliminates the issue of people constantly looking down and interacted via a tablet or smartphone eye contact has been scarce over the last few years due to our dependence on technology.

Utilizing a device like Google Glass allows for natural interactions with other people. Additionally, wearable technology such as Glass is lightweight and compact it seems to be the new trend in how interconnected devices are becoming smaller, lighter, and less bulky.

 Another point to be considered is that throughout the history of technology when people have thought about what the computer of tomorrow would look like, they’ve frequently imagined a machine that could be controlled by voice responding to our requests. This is the exact thing that

Google Glass does: the user speaks to it what to do, and it will respond accordingly.

Google Glass isn’t a robot-like companion as such, but it’s an inevitable advancement in technology, similar to Siri on Apple’s Siri to use with iOS. In light of this and many other reasons it’s likely that many more users will be wearing wearable computers like Google Glass in the coming years.

is this technique accessible to common person?

There’s a difference between yes and not. To obtain Google Glass, you have be able to prove to Google what you’re worth. It is known as the Glass Explorers program, Google’s plan is to get their technology that is currently in the beta stage and into the hands of users who can use it in a transformative, innovative and inspiring ways that others will observe.

To date, Glass has been offered to athletes, teachers scientists, academics, and many others. In recent times, Google has extended a number of invitations to a wider range of people, however, it’s not an unpaid device.

The price currently stands at $1600, surely a reasonable price for a powerful device, but it’s still costly and certainly higher than the average tablet or smartphone.

Like all technology but, it’s anticipated that in the coming decades, Google Glass will become less expensive, allowing greater number of people to own the device.

Google Glass is Remarkable

The technology of Google Glass is remarkable. It lets us look back at how far computers have come in the past few decades and how it is moving more like our childish fantasies of a Jetsons-style future.

Recently, Google has upgraded their prototype and today Glass comes with more options: It is available in a variety of shades, and by making a simple modification, it is compatible with prescription and sunglasses.

Glass’ durability has also been enhanced; unlike the glasses you buy at the store, Google Glass does not snap or crack easily. If you have the chance to try Google Glass for yourself, go for it.

You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish with a gadget that’s nearly entirely hands-free.

Google Glasses is One of The Most Advanced Technologies

Are you aware you can Google Glasses is one of the most advanced technologies in the Computer and Technology field? It’s a type of computer can be worn like glasses.

Much like a smartphone or tablet that can connect you to almost everything and anyone. It’s a bit futuristic and impossible, but the truth is when you use Google Glass, your screen is everywhere you look which allows users to connect with their laptop as well as all the surrounding world at at the same time.

By using the basic audio signal of “OK Glass” followed by an easy command to make it do whatever you be able to have your smartphone or tablet perform.

Furthermore, it won’t crack or break easily. If you have the chance to try Google Glass for yourself, go for it. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish using a device that’s nearly entirely hands-free.

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