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How is modern technology affecting human development ?

The internet, digital technology, and our physical and mental development may be more profound than we anticipated.

Technology has advanced at an amazing rate in the past 20 years. Smartphones, cloud computing, cloud computing, and hundreds more inventions have changed every aspect of our daily lives. Communications, government, travel and fundraising have all been affected. But what about our brains, though? What about our brains? Many, even psychologists, believe so.

Psychology Today explains that “There is… little doubt” that new technologies like the Internet and digital tech are changing the way people think and interact with the world. * Although research is still in its infancy, and no conclusive scientific findings have been reached, there are many areas in which modern digital technology is having an impact on how we interact with the world as well as the development of our children’s brains. These are


Our attention spans may be being cut by our dependence on the internet and mobile technologies. Recent research found that the average attention span of people using mobile technology and the internet has fallen by 4 seconds from 12 to 8. This is less than a goldfish’s time.

 We shouldn’t be able to tolerate boredom when all of us have smartphones that let us listen to music and play games on the go. This reduced attention span is likely to have negative consequences. How often do we lose important conversations or moments around us simply because our electronic devices are so distracting?


You must buy a car. What’s your first action? Like millions of people, you will go online to search. No matter what decision you have to make, whether it’s to find the best place to eat out or to learn how to start your new career, the internet can help you. We no longer need to trust our instincts but can gather facts and information to make informed decisions.

Relationship Building

We are changing the way people build and maintain relationships by radically changing how they use social media. This is in addition to messages that can be sent person-to–person via both SMS texting and messaging apps. This is a good thing, or a problem? Is it possible to be fully involved in all of these relationships while having dinner with friends, texting family members in California, or tweeting with acquaintances about an event happening in Japan? It’s possible to connect with family and friends all over the world, which can keep relationships from deteriorating. Nearly 70% of Americans think the internet is good for our relationships, SS but it remains to be seen if children who are growing up with smartphones develop the kinds of interpersonal and relationship-building skills they need to form deep and meaningful relationships, or if our species will become isolated from–and uncomfortable with–close, personal contact.


The internet provides us with a wealth of information. Our personal computers can store everything we buy and any other ideas we might have. This allows us to access the information whenever we need it. New research shows that “pervasive” access to information has not just changed what we recall, but it has also changed how we remember .

We have less ability to remember facts. However, it appears that we are improving our ability find and remember information. For example, it is now easier to recall what folder the information was stored in than to remember how to find it. Similar results are seen for questions of fact. When faced with a question, we are more likely remember search terms that helped us discover answers to similar queries than we are to the fact itself.

What are the best ways to learn more about technology’s effect on psychological development?

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